Stop Dieting: Get on the Healthy Side of Life

Realistic Fitness Goals | Bulletproof Health and Fitness with Mr. Consistency: Michal Stawicki

Episode Summary

In this episode of Stop Dieting: Get on the Healthy Side of Life, David is with Michal Stawicki, they talk about his weight loss journey, and the importance of consistency and maintaining weight loss, his book: The Fitness Expert Next Door.

Episode Notes

[1:53] His weight loss journey.

[6:15] His book: The Fitness Expert Next Door.

[9:44] Maintaining weight loss.

[22:23] Consistency.

More about Michal Stawicki:

Nicknamed Mr. Consistency, Michal Stawicki is a bestselling author in the personal development field and a business coach. He is obsessed with changing the world through daily habits, starting with his own habits and his world.

In the last decade he published 19 books, sold over 80,000 copies of them, created dozens of new good habits, coached over 100 people in developing new habits, started a book advertising business, and quit his day job as a database administrator.

Michal preaches and practices consistent daily action. He believes this is the means to achieve success in any area of life, from parenting to business.